Why My Agency Uses Breakdance Website Builder

Why my agency uses Breakdance website builder

Website Builders: A Cluttered Battlefield

Why My Agency Uses Breakdance Website Builder: The website builder landscape is a cluttered battlefield. It’s a nightmare to choose the right website builder for your new website. Overzealous features, bloated code, and learning curves steeper than Mount Everest – it’s enough to send any aspiring webmaster running for the hills.

But wait! We think we’ve unearthed a hidden gem in this digital dust bowl. We’ve found a streamlined builder that ditches the bloat and embraces elegance, empowering anyone (yes, even you!) to create a website that’s both visually captivating and SEO-savvy. Get ready to ditch the headaches and build the website of your dreams!

In my early days of building websites, I experimented with various website builders and templates. They promised ease and convenience, but the reality was often disappointing. They were crammed with features I’d never use, bloated with code that dragged down performance, and frustratingly difficult to optimise for search engines. Every tweak felt like an uphill battle.

That’s when I discovered Breakdance Website Builder for WordPress. It wasn’t just a breath of fresh air; it was a complete paradigm shift. Unlike its bloated competitors, Breakdance prioritises clean, lightweight code and a laser focus on user experience. This translates to lightning-fast loading times and websites that Google loves. We’ve seen tangible improvements in our search rankings and visitor engagement since switching to Breakdance. It’s been a game-changer for our online presence.

Full disclosure: We’re not getting any kickbacks for mentioning Breakdance. We just genuinely love it!

Pros & Cons

Let’s break down the pros and cons of Breakdance, helping you decide if it’s the perfect beat for your digital aspirations.

Website builders pros and cons

Pros: A Slick Spin on Website Building

  • Drag-and-Drop Elegance: Breakdance ditches clunky interfaces for a smooth, intuitive drag-and-drop system. You can grab pre-designed sections, elements, and animations, and slap them onto your virtual canvas. Building a website feels like decorating a room, making even web phobics feel like artistic pioneers.
  • Pre-Designed Prowess: Don’t have the inner Picasso? Breakdance boasts a library of stunning, professionally designed templates spanning diverse industries. From sleek portfolios to a vibrant online store, these pre-built marvels take the grunt work out of design, letting you focus on your content and brand.
  • Animation Allure: Forget static web pages – Breakdance lets you infuse your site with eye-catching animations. Scroll-triggered reveals, floating elements, and dynamic transitions give your website a modern, engaging edge, keeping visitors glued to their screens like mesmerised pigeons.
  • Mobile Mastery: In today’s mobile-first world, Breakdance ensures your website shines across all devices. Its responsive design automatically adapts to screens big and small, guaranteeing a seamless user experience wherever your content reaches.
  • WordPress Integration: Breakdance seamlessly integrates with the ubiquitous WordPress, leveraging its vast plugin ecosystem and content management power. This opens doors to countless functionalities, from SEO optimisation to advanced e-commerce tools, empowering you to tailor your site to any purpose. Building a simple e-commerce store with Breakdance can be done within 15 minutes. Breakdance was designed with deep WooCommerce integration in mind.

Cons: A Potential Mis-Step on the Dance Floor

  • Pricing Poise: Breakdance’s pricing structure might throw some off-balance. For a single-site license, you’ll pay $99.99 a year. An unlimited site license for $299.99 per year is compelling, it’s a significant upfront investment compared to subscription-based competitors. This makes it less ideal for casual users or individuals building just one website. But if you are an agency, you will love it.
  • Support Samba: Breakdance’s support options haven’t quite evolved. I imagine offering total support is an expensive luxury for a new start-up business. While email and online documentation are available, the lack of live chat or phone support can leave users feeling adrift, especially when troubleshooting complex issues. However, there is a wonderful Facebook chat group dedicated to Breakdance that is all too ready to help.

The Final Step: Finding Your Rhythm with Breakdance

Breakdance is a powerful website builder with undeniable appeal. Its intuitive interface, stunning templates, and animation prowess make it an ideal choice for creative individuals and businesses seeking a visually captivating online presence.

Ultimately, the choice to create your website with Breakdance depends on your needs and priorities. Whatever your choice, remember to do your research, consider your budget and skill level, and don’t be afraid to test-drive different platforms before taking the plunge. After all, in the digital world, finding the perfect website builder is all about discovering the rhythm that makes your online presence truly shine.

Why My Agency Uses Breakdance Website Builder

What I can say is, that every website we build at Webprecision, we build with Breakdance.

About the author

Steve Baron, an astute entrepreneur and seasoned marketing professional, is the driving force behind Webprecision, a company specialising in crafting affordable, fast, and SEO-friendly websites. Before his venture into the digital realm, Steve established Baron Marketing Ltd, an advertising agency that flourished under his leadership for over two decades. His entrepreneurial spirit further propelled him to launch several successful online startups.

A staunch advocate for nurturing budding entrepreneurs, Steve has served as a mentor for Business Mentors NZ. His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from the University of Waikato, complemented with a Political Science Honours Degree from Victoria University of Wellington.

A prolific writer, Steve has penned three books, and his insightful editorials have graced the pages of newspapers across New Zealand. When not immersed in his professional endeavours, Steve fulfils his role as the Clerk of the Scales for New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing, is a competitive Bridge Grandmaster, and indulges in his passions for walking, running, and savouring the café experience.

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