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How do I SEO my blog step by step?

1) Find the right keywords
2) Ensure they are in the page title
3) Use keywords in the page URL
4) Use keywords in your meta description
5) Keywords must be in your H1 headers
6) Insert keywords into all your page’s content
7) Get cracking on building backlinks to your website from other sites
8) Continue to monitor your ranking

What Are the 7 Types of SEO?

Your quest is to captivate a larger clientele, amplify online traffic, and elevate profitability. The key to this success is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the art of playing a new tune on an old fiddle to fine-tune and optimise websites for better Google & Bing search results. Plus drive more website traffic. This strategy entails a symphony of diverse techniques to achieve that.

What are the 4 types of SEO?

The Cornerstones: Deciphering the 4 Pillars of SEO

Shaping the bedrock of a triumphant SEO endeavour are the four cardinal genres:

1) On-page SEO

Elevating your standings through enriched content remains quintessential. This entails seamlessly weaving pivotal keywords into your webpage tapestry. Moreover, a commitment to crafting regular, superlative content is pivotal, bolstered by impeccably formatted Meta Tags and titles.

2) Off-page SEO

The spotlight here turns to your website's hinterland—a realm where backlinks reign. These inbound conduits to your digital domain signal to search engines the endorsement of your platform by the virtual populace.

3) Technical SEO

Intriguingly distinct from its content-centric counterparts, technical SEO assumes the mantle of enhancing user experience. Banishing the shadows of confusion with black hat SEO, this facet focuses on streamlining navigation. Optimization entails the acceleration of loading times, cultivation of mobile-friendly interfaces, and circumvention of duplicative content.

4) Local SEO

This facet forges a connection with location-based search outcomes—a potent stratagem for channelling digital seekers toward your physical establishment. Mastery of your Google My Business profile stands pivotal in propelling your local SEO ranking.

What are the 3 types of SEO?

The other 3 types of SEO categories include mobile, eCommerce, and voice SEO. While rooted in the foundational pillars, their distinctiveness earns them further study.

1) Mobile SEO

In 2023, more people than ever, around 60%, are using mobile phones to browse the internet. This is really noticeable in countries like New Zealand. This shows how important it is for websites to work well on mobiles. Mobile SEO is a way to make sure websites work great on mobiles. It's like putting together a team of things that make websites easy to use, fast, and work better overall on mobiles. This includes making designs that adjust to small screens, changing content to fit well on mobiles, and adding things that work especially well on mobiles.

2) eCommerce SEO

Having a really nice online store is just a small part of being successful in online shopping. To do really well, you need to help people find your store easily. This is where eCommerce SEO comes in. It's like a guide for search engines to help them understand your store's pages with products and categories. It's like a choreographed dance that helps search engines understand your store better. By using the right words, your product pages can go up in search results, and your website becomes easier to explore.

3) Voice SEO

Voice SEO is like a special way of making your website talk-friendly. It's like making your website understand how people naturally speak and becoming an expert in things people want to know about. It's like having a special plan – you use longer phrases and questions that people might ask out loud. You also make sure your website shows up in special Google results that voice assistants use to find answers.

All these different parts of SEO come together to make a really nice tune. If you understand how they work, you're on your way to doing great in online searches.